Here’s Our Story

Since 2003, Meza Studios has been crafting visual stories that go beyond the lens. From our humble beginnings of turning moments into memories, the company has organically grown into an award-winning, creative powerhouse rooted in the heart of Central California.

While we are known for our vibrant studio work, our mindset is that the world is our studio. Capturing the tales of blueberry farms in Mexico, Cacao plantations in Brazil, rainforests of Central America, snow-capped peaks of Yosemite and Tioga pass, the golden plains and concrete jungles all across the States inspires us and shapes the creativity that comes through our work. There is nowhere we won’t go.

We take pride in where we’ve been and even more so in where we are going. Our team at Meza Studios loves trailblazing the production space with the latest and greatest tools to create content that is relevant and eye-catching. We’re also not afraid to MacGyver something – glue dots and fishing line sold separately.

Who do we work with? Just about everyone! Whether you’re a marketing agency, business owner, non-profit, individual, or maybe you don’t know what you are yet, we would love to connect.

Enrique Meza
concept creationfilming producing

Enrique started Meza Studios (formerly Meza Films) in 2003 after earning his Computer Science degree from San Diego State. Since then he has built a forward-thinking business using creative concepts, campaigns and collaboration with a variety of clients. Enrique’s favorite part of the job is working with different industries and meeting all kinds of people from different walks of life. Outside the studio, Enrique loves to hang with his family, travel, hike, and explore the local food scene wherever he might be.

Enrique Meza’s restaurant rec:
Annex Kitchen or Heirloom Eats
Michelle Wong
project managementcasting scheduling styling

Michelle brings over 15 years of project management and creative services to the position. She often wears the hats of art director, talent finder, miniature town painter (one of her favorite projects) and so much more. Michelle earned her bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona and it was there she found her love of crafting. When Michelle isn’t spinning plates for Meza Studios, she loves making art of all kinds, being outdoors, and walks around her neighborhood with her dog Bandit.

Michelle Wong’s restaurant rec:
La Elegante or b&k Thai
Sergio Cortes
organizingcuttingcolor correcting

Sergio is a unicorn of sorts, with a keen eye for visual storytelling and a knack for systems, he’s the perfect combination of creativity and organization. He enjoys working in the editing room, cutting and organizing video and audio clips into a compelling narrative. But when he’s not in the editing room, you can find him exploring the outdoors or working on his personal art projects.

Sergio Cortes’s restaurant rec:
Castillo’s Mexican Food
Jordan Escobar
social mediacopy editingclient acquisition

Jordan handles internal marketing and external communications for Meza Studios. With a degree in English Literature from Cal Poly SLO, Jordan’s first love is writing and telling stories, which is why she enjoys working with Meza Studios. She has over 15 years of experience in events and marketing and thoroughly looks forward to projects that challenge and engage her creative side. Jordan loves to hike on California’s Central Coast, read/listen to books and explore the world with her little family by her side. She is also very much a cat person.

Jordan Escobar’s restaurant rec:
Wild Fig Kitchen or Benaddiction


Natasha Biasell

Natasha is Meza Studios one-stop shop for all things Graphics and PR. The team loves working with her on projects that require logo design, website design and events that require that touch of public relations.

Holly Clinard

Need a script? Holly’s your gal! Holly’s way to bring words to life from the ends of her fingers on a keyboard to the voices of actors in our commercials is one that isn’t found easily.

Jason Wada

When an action shot or video isn’t enough, we turn to Jason to bring movement to still life. Whether he’s brewing up bubbles in a glass of Half Dome beer or showing a future building sketch pop out of a downtown empty lot, Jason’s world is limitless and the team loves when their worlds collide.

Amber Medina

What is production without the makeup chair? Too much photoshop, that’s what! Amber brings her glow up station to many of Meza Studios’ shoots to ensure our talent doesn’t have a hair out of place (unless they’re supposed to) and that their faces are flawless. What we hear the most from the talent + clients in her chair is “Can you just come to my house every morning?”